Week 11

Throughout the semester, I have learned a wealth of very valuable information. Starting off the bat, I didn’t know how useful these sites and programs can be to getting my name out there in regards to the job market. Now that I have this curriculum under my belt, I can compete more aggressively in the job market and for future internships.

I do not see college as life training, I view it as something that hones my life skills, i good ways as well as bad. I do however view it as job training. If one attended college and then did not try to take a job in his or her related field, then what would be the point of spending a fortune on education. For example, if I am a biology major, then I am being educated on how to become a successful biologist.


Week 11

My view on social media has definitely changed over the course of the class. I never really new how in depth you can go with social media. It can even help you with job opportunity’s in the future.

I can see college as life-trainning more than job-trainning. Yes, you are learning to perfect  your craft that you will be doing for the rest of your life, but I do believe you are learning life values. You are learning to live on your own and are faced with responsibilities that you yourself must deal with. It is also the stage where you are becoming an adult and must overcome challenges from all different directions.

Week 10

In this week’s assignment we created a screencast for our cooltool. My cooltool was quizlet. I made a screencast explaining how quizlet works and all of the benefits it has. This assignment is a great way for people to understand different cooltool’s and the benefits they provide.