Week 9

As the new season of the NBA is beginning, there is always a controversy over the different types of fans. My meme had to do with the fans that follow LeBron James. They started off as Cavalier’s fans then moved to Heat fans and now back to Cavalier’s fans. My meme consisted of the Willy Wonka meme that stated “you were a Miami Heat fan and now you are a Cavaliers fan? Tell me how you don’t follow LeBron James”. The message I was trying to convey is supposed to be funny because a lot of the LeBron James followers get extremely angry. I think this weeks assignment was fun and allowed us to show our creative side.




Week 8

With today’s assignment I learned that you can do much more than just looking stuff up on google. We were able to create our own site. I think it is a great tool because it also allows you to see other templates that are available in case you are unsure of what you want to do. It allows you to use different categories to ensure you can find exactly what makes you happy. Here is a link to my cool tool and my google site.



Week 6

I believe we do need to keep the copyright law because it would be unfair if the original authors lost credit for the work that he/she created. When it comes to the length of the copyright date, I still believe that it should last forever unless the author says otherwise because again they are the original creators who deserve the credit. I think that remixing and plagiarism are somewhat similar but remixing is not as bad. I believe that remixing is taking someones work and putting your own twist on it which is not always right but it is not as bad as plagiarism that could be taking someones work word for word.

Week 5

This week we created an account for Symbaloo. I learned how we could turn the space given to us into an information dashboard and also to collect information that we could reach daily to keep up professionally. I then explored a Forbes magazine that was about the worlds hottest app. While exploring there twitter page, I found two different accounts that I thought were interesting and found to be trustworthy. This weeks assignment was a great way to learn how different sites work with gathering information.