Week 4

For this weeks assignment I learned how to use the different tabs on diigo like: the highlighter, the bookmark, the sticky note and the share tab. These different tools allow you to get a better understanding of the topic because of the different ways it helps you study. Also we created a Bitly account that shortens link for quicker access.


Week 3

I learned that the understanding of the RRS feed will allow you to access all of your social media accounts with the click of a button. This is a great tool that will save you a ton of time.

After graduation I am hoping to have a secured job that I like and will benefit me financially. In this field I will continue to learn new things everyday and this will further my education.

First blog post

As the use of technology grows throughout our generation, it is inevitable that we must be familiar and up to date with its new advances and upgrades. Creating a online presence will allow you to display your professional job experiences to the select group of people you chose. This online presence will ensure you that you will be heard by everyone and also give you a better chance to come into communication with your future employer.